Trinity Extension Plans

The Church of Scotland haves shared following information:

Proposed Plans

7022 – L(00)12G- Proposed Elevations

7022 – L(00)14H – Proposed Layout

7022 – L(00)11G- Proposed Site Layout

7022 – L(00)18F – Section A-A

You will see that the proposed extension will be built over the five car park spaces at the back door.
See also the minor adjustments to the road layouts, at the main entrance ( widening work). And at the back door with a realigned splay.

Also the new office will abut our office and the chapel.  They have included a modified ceiling – with a large roof window in the office.

We will need to discuss if we might improve the lighting through the wee small collared glass windows on the south wall of the chapel.

The plan is to construct 31 new  car park spaces on the lower grassed area. There is an allowance to form disabled driver parking,  parent and child parking, and the option for Electric Vehicle charging, all adjacent to the west wall of the building

They also hope to install a large array of Solar Panels on the roof.  This will offset some of our electricity costs and be part of our “ Eco Congregation” drive for more sustainability in our church.

At the moment they are at the getting permissions stage, but the next steps will be tendering,  and if successful planning for construction.  That will take shared negotiations with the selected contractor to minimise disruption to service and to Trinity users.

If all goes well the hope is that construction straddles the Summer holidays.