Our Priests

From the beginning until 1985, we were looked after by the Cathedral Administrator, notably Fr Charles McGregor, and by his Curates, in particular, Fr Chris Brannan and Fr Andrew Mann, though others were part of our liturgical life too.

In 1985 the then Cathedral Curate, Fr Chris was appointed Parish Priest of St Francis, he then became Parish Priest of Trinity too. From that point, we were looked after from St Francis Parish, in Mannofield.

Fr Chris was our Parish Priest until 2000 when Fr Jim Thomson, also Parish Priest of Banchory,  became our Parish Priest.  From 2000-2004 we were served from St Columba’s Banchory.

After Fr Jim was recalled to his home diocese of Glasgow,  we were without a Parish Priest for several months and were served by a variety of visiting priests and even on occasion the Bishop, until the arrival of  Fr. William Adjei, the newly appointed Parish Priest for Holy Family who became our Parish Priest in August 2004. He was with us until 2006.

Canon Alistair Doyle was then appointed and he was our Parish Priest for several years before the arrival of Fr Peter Barry, also of St Francis Parish, in 2012 who in turn was with us until 2020.

Since then our Parish Priest has been Fr Emmet O’Dowd.