Is the Pope a Catholic?

Bishop Hugh has once again recorded a fine talk on the role of the Pope, and especially the current Pontiff, Pope Francis, in our Catholic life.

Part 1 is here and Part 2 follows it directly below.




All Saints

The Bishop has recorded a video for the Great Feast of All Saints. It’s well worth a watch as usual!


November Lists

November is the month we traditionally pray for all those who have gone before us, especially those we have known and loved, and those who have formed part of our community.

Below are links to November lists, one is MS Word format and the other PDF.

November List(MS Word)

November List(PDF)

You can either download them, fill them in and send them back to me via email, or print them off and bring them to Mass with you the next time you come. We will place them at the Altar for all of our November Masses.

You can book for the All Souls Mass here: All Souls Mass

The Assumption of Mary

Our second Sunday back was marked by the celebration of the great Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady. This is also the Patronal Feast of our Diocese. Bishop Hugh has recorded a video catechesis on the Assumption which, as usual, is well worth a watch.

Return of Mass at Westhill

Today we had our first Mass back, and it was a joy to begin the return to regular Mass at Westhill.


We prayed for all those unable to join us today.


Please use this booking form to secure a Place at Holy Mass next Sunday the 16th 

Fr Emmet will contact you to confirm your place(s)

This will allow those who do not have access to the Internet to book via phone.

If there is no more place at the upcoming Sunday Mass, Fr Emmet will put your name at the top of the list for the following Sunday.

Mass this weekend 9/08/2020

Unfortunately, given the current restrictions, there are no more places available for Mass this weekend 9th of August.

Any further bookings will be assigned to Mass next Sunday 16th August.

Thank you for your replies and response, it’s truly heartening to see.