Church Capacity

As of the 19th of July 2021, the 2-metre distancing requirements are reduced to 1-metre distancing. 

We can now have a maximum of 73 people in the Church with 1-metre distancing in place. 

This means:

  • If all seats are filled with families (People in the same household or household bubble) our total would be 74. (Including Fr Emmet and 4 stewards.)
  • If seats are filled by couples, the total would be 50. (Including Fr Emmet and 4 stewards.)
  • If seats are filled by individuals, the total would be 39. (Including Fr Emmet and 4 stewards.)

There are images and pictures at the end of the page which I hope makes things clearer

A word on Household Groups

Obviously, household groups will allow the most people to come to Mass at the same time.

By household, we’re talking about people who live in the same home. An ‘extended household’ or bubble is also possible according to Government regulations.

An extended household can be formed with another household group if you live on your own or with children under the age of 18. For example, extended household groups will allow a grandparent who lives on their own to form a group with another household in their family, a single parent, and their children to join with another household for support.

Seating at Westhill 

Below are images of the basic layout of the church at the moment, which allows for physical distancing with the maximum number of people attending.